Our dogs

Our male

Pomsky Northern's Captain America

Pomsky F3 of 41 cm for 12 kilos

Captain captured our hearts and eyes from the very first time we met... virtually at first, because Salt Lake City is a long way away! 

It took a lot of energy, perseverance and organisation to go and find him all the way in Utah. But what a joy it was when Adrien, after 4 flights and 1 hour on the roads of the American West, called me (very late or very early in France, of course!) to say "I've got Captain! He's even more handsome in person than in the photos! And 24 hours later (including at least 6 of stress at customs) he was home with us, at last!

Our Captain is simply magnificent. His coat is a sublime agouti colour and his mask is perfectly symmetrical. He's a very charismatic dog with soft blue eyes. He's a bit of a playboy, but in reality, he's a sweetheart!

Always sweet and gentle (even with young children and cats), he's a good dog who always lets himself be done without flinching, always with a little welcoming lick. He's a really easy-going dog with a very special place in our hearts.

Our darling girls

Night Eye of American Pomsky

Pomsky F2 40 cm for 11 kilos

Our little wild-looking marvel. She has a magnificent head, piercing eyes and a superb black mask that gives her her name. But don't be fooled by her wild looks, because even though she's the leader of our little pack, she's very cuddly and adorable. She's a great mum, and produces extraordinary Pomsky puppies with great character.

Lily Flower of American Pomsky

Pomsky F2 35 cm for 8 kgs

Lily is the featherweight of our pack, with her fluffy fur she's a real little cuddly toy!

Lily is always up for a game or a walk! She's a real ball of energy, but so adorable and cuddly that we forgive her exuberance!

Lovely Pet Tereza, known as Karenina

Pomsky F1b of 35 cm for 8 kgs

Our latest arrival, straight from Russia, from the excellent Lovely Pet kennel.

This little marvel with the perfect husky look has such a fantastic temperament that you could have 12 just like her. She's super cuddly, super easy to get along with, the perfect dog!



Yes, we know, nothing to do with the pomsky, but we promised her that she'd be on the site too, because madam is very jealous, you know!

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