Adopting a pomsky in a flat?

Yes, it's possible! We'll soon tell you what we think.

Is it possible to adopt a pomsky from a flat? When you live in a flat, the question of adopting a dog is a real one. Will he be able to cope with the solitude without disturbing the neighbours? Will I have enough time to offer him enough walks, etc.? And all these questions are essential, whether you live in a flat or not! Because when you have a big garden, it seems "normal" to have a dog to "put in". But simply having a large garden isn't enough to look after a pomsky (or any dog for that matter!).

Is a garden essential?

It's better to have a pomsky who lives in a flat and is taken out every day, several times a day, than a dog who will only ever know the boundaries of his garden fence.

I think it's important to remember that a dog, whether it lives in a flat or a house, will only be happy if it has had enough exercise and if its owners respond consistently and regularly to all its needs. For the rest, whether he sleeps in a 100m2 bungalow with terrace and garden or in a flat on the second floor of a block of flats seems to be of little importance.

Often we even say to ourselves: it's a good thing I don't have a garden, because I'm sure that some days we'll be tempted by thoughts such as "oh, never mind, he'll have his walk tomorrow"...

And yes, you should know that a little walk in the garden (or even a whole day) is not synonymous with a stroll. Your pomsky needs to be able to expend his physical, intellectual and olfactory energy every day! And to do that, you need to offer him daily walks so that he can let off steam, meet friends and smell all the scents left by his fellow dogs and other species.

Tips for a happy pomsky

Here are a few tips to consider before (or after) adoption, depending on your situation:

Tip 1: If you have a small flat, for reasons of comfort for both you and your dog, take a Pomsky of at least F3 that is not likely to be outside the standard (over 13 kgs), for obvious reasons of space management.

Tip 2: As often as possible, take your dog with you when you go out or even to work - more and more companies are "dog friendly"! On the other hand, if you can't take your dog to work and you can't come home to take him out during the day, it's essential to offer your pooch an alternative. You don't want to leave him home alone for more than 8 hours! You can arrange for a friend or even a dog-sitter to come and stay with you, so that your dog can breathe some fresh air into his body and mind while he waits for you to return.

Tip 3: Take your dog out as often as possible (after a meal, a nap or a play session, as these are the three main times when he'll want to relieve himself), spend time with him and give him plenty of exercise before each of your absences so that when he returns home he'll want to do just one thing: sleep!

Tip 4: When you're away, keep your pomsky busy and offer him toys to keep him entertained (kongs, etc.).

Tip 5: A dog that lives in a flat is a dog that lives in the city. This is a very good thing, as it means that your dog will be used to a wide variety of situations. However, your dog needs to have a good education so that he can adapt to the city and integrate easily.

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