Our breeding

This kennel is the reflection of our passion and all the love we give to our dogs, who are fully-fledged members of our family. Come and discover our world.

Where are we?

Our pomsky farm is located in Ambares et Lagrave in Gironde, near Bordeaux.

We are 20 minutes from Gare Saint Jean and 25 minutes from Bordeaux-Mérignac airport.

High-quality dogs bred with love

We have chosen to breed at least F3/F4 pomsky puppies, i.e. from a 3rd or 4th generation pomsky, in order to have puppies that are homogenous in terms of size, colour and temperament.

Our puppies all have husky masks, their eyes are very often blue and their adult size does not exceed 12 kilos.

Colours can be black, grey or agouti (the most sought-after coat for us, inherited from wild genes that give the coat "wolf" shades).


These babies are real marvels!

Our animals, our passion!

Our first job is horses, and we live in our stable on a site of around twenty hectares with our horses, our cats and of course our pomsky.

Our dogs, before being breeding stock, are just... our dogs! So we only have 2 females, Night and Lily, and 1 male, Captain, because with our granny Happy the border terrier, that's not bad enough when we're taking the whole gang for a walk! So, as you can see, we don't do intensive breeding here. That's why we only have a few puppies to offer you each year, but that's also why our puppies are so happy in their paws!

We're lucky enough to live with our animals on a daily basis, and that's what enables us to ensure that all our babies grow up in the best possible way, according to their individual needs (which are not quite the same for foals as puppies!).

Beach, horses and pomsky, the dream!

Embark and pedigree test

embark dna test

In France, where LOF registration is the norm for acquiring a pure-bred dog, it's not easy to find your way around when you're looking for a dog belonging to a new breed, such as the Pomsky.

As the Pomsky is not yet recognised by the Societé Centrale Canine, it is not yet considered a pure-bred dog (legally speaking), and as such cannot be registered with the LOF, which many buyers take as a guarantee. While it is true that the LOF certifies that the dog conforms to the characteristics set out in the breed standard, this does not mean that all breeders of 'non-LOF' dogs are not doing a quality job.

For the pomsky, there are both serious breeders and much less scrupulous breeders.

The embark test certainly won't prove that your dog is beautiful, but it will at least tell you if it's a pomsky, i.e. a dog with about half its genes coming from the husky and the other half from the Pomeranian. Note that a tolerance of 10% from other breeds is tolerated according to the IPA (International Pomsky Association) or the EPC (European Pomsky Club).

And while we're waiting for our breed to be officially recognised, we unfortunately don't have many ways of proving the seriousness of our work, which is why at Envol pomsky, our breeding stock all have the embark test approving their origin as well as tests for all known genetic diseases proving that they are free of disease.

Interested in adopting a Pomsky puppy?

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